My boyfriend thinks I'm cheating, but I'm not?

Whenever we get in an argument he will throw in how I'm cheating on him or something on the matter. He's like this when he's sober. When he's not, he knows I'm not cheating on him and he tells me it's not my fault for these accusations, his mom is cheating on his dad and that is why he has been so persistent about it. But I've only been with my boyfriend, we've been dating for 3 years already, you'd think he would trust me since I've never cheated or lied... How can I try and help him?


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  • Thats tough.

    You need to explain that you aren't his mom, and that you've done nothing to make him think you're cheating. He needs to not keep accusing you of this awful stuff because it hurts your feelings and you also feel like its hurting yalls relationship.

    The thing about pointless paranoia of something happening like that is that it becomes a self fulling prophesy. Like, if he keeps accusing you of leaving him for another dude... eventually you might get sick of that and actually leave him. So he needs to straighten up.


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  • He doesn't get to be an asshole and accuse you of cheating just because his mother is a cheater.
    Also I can agree with anonymous that maybe he's the one cheating. (Why go anon for that?)

    • I don't really think he is cheating, I just think he's really self conscious and has major trust issues from his mom. He doesn't even have time to cheat, he's either working or he's with me. And we both care a lot about each other and I trust that he just wouldn't do that to me.. But who knows right.

  • Not saying this is always the case, but when someone accuses you of cheating like that, it might be because he's cheating himself... just beware


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