Am I a dating loser?

So I just feel this way becuz all of my friends usually got girls but me on the other hand is still single yet I feel like such a loser cuz I actually do try for a relationship but I get really nervous and shy around girls yes I have had girlfriends before but those girls weren't very stable emotionally wise, which probably makes me more of a loser, I mean I get called ugly by guys a lot and my friends say when it comes to dating standards mine are the lowest... So am I a loser and if I am or not what would u rate me? Sry this is so long and taking up peoples time...

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What Girls Said 1

  • You look fine ;) and you are still growing :) don't be affected. Be confident. That's the secret weapon to the ladies and happiness. Remember, be confident. Not arrogant. Don't worry about being in a relationship :) what's more important is being happy.

    • thanks really this helps Its just im not that confident with myself in fact I hate myself but I know that's not healthy so im trying to work out more now so I can look better lol anyways thanks

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    • Wow thanks lol why can't more people be like you? Anyways that's great I guess I'll go check that out but I think for right now Im gonna spend a couple of months trying to get a 4.0 gpa whilst working on me:) anyways yea thanks

    • I believe there are :) okay smarty!! good luck with that and i believe you can do it!!! :) see you around :)

What Guys Said 1

  • You look like a decent looking dude. Not all dudes are super shallow. The girls you date are what you like. Who cares what your friends think. Girls wants cconfidence not stunning looks (although it helps). I've been with way hotter girls then any of my friends and im not prize. Im almost 300lbs and im a comic book nerd. But girls are happy to be with me because im nice, im sincere and I make them feel special. Your still young you will get a hang of game eventually. I didn't start getting girls till I was about 20-21