How to tell if a girl likes you or is just interested as a friend over Facebook chat?

So I've started talking to this girl I met in class over Facebook. I didn't really talk to her much during summer classes, but after a couple months I started talking to her more frequently. We've had a lot long conversations that went up to 4-6 hours into the AM. But I was never sure if she just talked to me as a friend or if she liked me. She tends to end the convo saying she needed to go sleep or was busy, and has never initiated a convo, yet. I suspect she may just think of me as a friend, but what do you guys think?


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  • Ask her to meet up for a date

    • I forgot to mention that I live across the country for a while before I go back to school near her area.

    • Well ask her when u come back is it cool if u guys really hangout

    • Four months is a long time. Haha. I was planning on doing that when I did go back, but I wasn't sure if it was smart to wait for that long.

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