Is he interested? Or should I cancel plans?

At first it was cool we texted for awhile but afterwards he wouldn't respond in fact. it became a habit he would say. good. morning I would text. good morning back he text a wyd today I would respond then no reply, so after this happened again for. the third time I stop texting him for a week. and voila no text. from. him that whole time. Then I met up with. my. mutual friend who said. he. said he texted me but I. didn't respond so she said just give him a chance, I proceeded to text him and we talked even. talked on the phone. For 3 hours then a night and. a half. later for.4 hours he. kept. saying he wanted a. birthday. cake , and I joked. saying I will bake him one, but then. he was serious and texted. me. asking if I was serious I said I wpuld bake it if whe wanted. me too he said yes and he. wanted to hang out. on his. birthday. So after wards is when. it. got. weird he. began texting as he. did. before or. being like call me and I said. you. can call me. Since I called him the first conversation. He did the second convo, then I called. him the third. convo he rushed me off the phone. because he said he was tired and had to get up for work at 5 tomorrow, I texted him back the. next. morning after he text me then it took him hrs to respond This happens twice over now his birthday is Saturday and I woder if. I should. cancel


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  • This is a curve... or playing hard to get


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