Should I put that I had dealt with cancer in an online dating profile but it's fine now?

I have been having a lot of difficulty finding a girlfriend over the years, and it's been a couple of years since I've even felt any sort of affection with a girl. I've really only had one I can consider have had dated even though we never confirmed it. We were exclusive with each other, but there was as only a couple of times we hung out that didn't involve us getting fucked up on some substance. I wanted it to not be like that and I even told her, but it didn't really do any good. Instead she got mad when I brought the fact up that I didn't like it since I stopped doing drugs.

But the big issue is that I was diagnosed with having brain cancer about 8 years ago just after graduating high school and I never really had much over the years. Maybe a fling that would last a couple of weeks and then we would part ways. I was told a few times that they didn't want to get close since they thought they would lose me in the future. It's pretty much killed my self-confidence ever since and I kind of lost hope in ever finding someone. But it also could be the fact that the crowd of people isn't really the kind I would find someone desirable. It's come to the point I have now taking steps to get to the point of online dating to find someone. I don't know if it would be wise to say that in my profile, or if it would benefit me in some way because it shows I'm one badass person that can keep his head together even with dealing with something most people do not at my age, 26.

Anyways, I am pretty open about it to show isn't that bad even though it's messed up my vision a good bit, but I can still function just fine other than not being able to drive a car because of my vision (I have a huge feeling it's why it's been so hard). I know it's a bad idea, and I ride a scooter but I don't care. But I am wondering if it's a good idea to put that in my profile to show I'm a really strong person mentally, or would that be a turn off that will make it near impossible to find a date?


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  • I didn't disclose any of mine in my profile before I found my husband. I told him of my medical battles after we had been talking a little while and I felt as if I could see myself with him. I didn't want to scare anybody off who after meeting me and being around me could see I was fine. I'm not ashamed of what I've been through, but it didn't define who I am anymore.


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