The man I'm dating treats me more than FWB, now he says that's all he sees me as?

We've been seeing eachother for two months now, talking for three. Met off a social dating site. He lives 2 hours from me, at first he would drive to me and I drove to him once. He originally living out of state and will be leaving the state I live in in 6 months to the state next to mine for work. Anyways last night we got in somewhat of heated conversation. In the beginning of dating he said he wasn't into casual sex. Last night he said he just wants casual and fun with me. He claims he likes me and likes spending time with me. I told him I'm not comfortable with having sex with someone who thinks me as casual, he told me three times I wasn't just sex and that he likes spending time with me. I find him contradicting himself though, it's very confusing. I do like him and it just hurts he sees me only as a friend with benefits. He said it takes him a while to commit to someone. In my mindset, if a guy liked me he wouldn't see me as just for now. He again reminded me I wasn't his plaything and I'm someone he likes hanging out with. He even told me if I wasn't comfortable with sex, it still wouldn't stop him from wanting to go out with me. I told him I felt like he messed with my feelings and had I known from the beginning I was put in the friends with benefits category I would never have slept with him. He said he was happy we could be so open with eachother. Anyways further down the conversation he starts saying he needs to weekend to decide if he wants a friends with benefits thing with me since he doesn't want to be the "bad guy" in the future. I reassured him I didn't think he was a bad guy and I was okay with just dating for fun, until he decides he wants to screw somebody else. Then he mentioned we could just be friends then. I told him I didn't want that, that I liked being intimate with him. He hasn't responded. What should I do? What does he want from me? I find it hard to just be friends with him, I couldn't do that because i do likehim

  • Ignore him:delete him from my life.
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  • You've experienced the female equivalent of rejection, do the adult thing and move on.

  • Absolutely get him out of your life. Is that what you want out of a boyfriend? He's using you. Get away.


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