I dont turst my boffriend one bit and its so sad?

- he used to say things to me like e. g. oh what would you do if i cheated on you?
- he used to put his Facebook picture up of him and his (now ex best friend) with her kissing his cheek, the first week we were going out.
- he would tell me he was round his best friends house all day long... now she has a boyfriend he doesnt.
- he used to tell me that i dont love him enough i dont care.
- he told me that he this i will get a good job and cheat on him
- when his phone rings he goes- oh look its not from you... oh i wonder who it is'.. then ' oh o you musnt see... oh no i have to delete it'. . then oh its just my mate tom...

these are a number of things he does.

i keep going over in my head trying to get rid of this permanemnt sad feeling, this feeling like my stomach is twisted up- all i think of is... i wonder who he is texting i wonder who he is facebooking..
- he also saved his Facebook to my laptop- i deleted it... and he did it again and again evenn though i kept deleting it... so after all these things he sah been saying i went on it... and now i go on it every day..

i am not clingy atall. i can go without seeing him for a few weeks, talking to him for a week.
- but it all changed - and now on whatsapp when he is online i wonder who he talks to, i wonder what he is doing.
Its what i think about most of the day!

I dont know what to do., and to be honnest i dont think i can ever trust him. Even thought he has not done anything that i know of ( apart from Facebook his ex talking about the good times they used to have..)
But dont think i can trust because he is so negative in my eyes. I dont tell people i have a boyfriend, i always cancel seeing him. He comes to see me.

I dont know what to say to him. When i ask him about the things he says he tells me im getting boring complaining and i should get a sense of humor as he is joking.

what shall i do and what shall i say to him? or am i just over the top?


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  • If he has you all screwed up like that AND on top of that there is no trust you need to get out there ASAP.

  • if you don't trust him then why do you consinder him your bf?


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