Dating an older women?

Hey everyone. I am currently 20 years old and have a lady friend of mines that is 31. I am pretty confident that she interested in dating me (she always talking about her divorce and how she wish she met someone like me) What I want to ask you guys is what is it like dating an woman old than you.


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  • when i was 19 dating someone way older and i felt like my life would have its pros and cons meaning you feel like your being controlled or treated less like a adult or smart usually the older person may feel like they know more then you know about the world witch isn't true but some older people are like that some want commitment fast like marriage and kids it seems fast i think everyone is different but for example look at mariah carey and nick cannon relationship there divorcing cause he gets hit on a lot by other girls has to go to parties and event's ur still young so her being older she might feel very insecure like ur cheating and be off about u going out with friends or to parties even if your faithful she will still worry about these things don't let her get attached to you and you end up wanting to just take life slow before you are ready for all those things see she's not over her divorce and she could be trying to move on quick by being with you and that adds pressure kinda for you because she may want a lot of stuff u may not be ready for marriage and kids sooner then later give it time


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