Does this sound like he doesn't want to commit?

I'm 18 and I have an OkCupid account. I met a guy on there who's 21. He was a 94% match with me. He's really nerdy (I kinda am too) and he's never had a girlfriend. We hit it off really well (we have the same interests, morals, sense of humor, intelligence, etc.) and we have been talking on Skype every night for the past couple of weeks. We often talk on Skype for really long periods of time (6 hours at a time) until early in the morning, just telling each other stories from our lives, talking about ourselves, friends, family, interests, playing games together, sending each other links, joking around... anything and everything. I am usually socially awkward and so is he but we both admitted that we feel instantly comfortable with each other and not awkward for some reason. He actually listens to everything I say when we talk. He's taking me on our first date next week.
When he's tired, I apologize to him for keeping him up late with our talking lol but he says that talking to me is worth it and that he wouldn't be talking to me if he didn't want to. And he lives about an hour away so I told him I felt bad that he's going to have to go so far to see me and he said that "it's completely worth it". And he has mentioned that he thinks I'm going to get along with his family and friends, he talks about taking me to different places someday, etc.

I'm really starting to like him (not love yet, since we haven't known each other long enough for that lol but still). He clearly shows that he is interested and into me. But a couple things on his profile made me a bit worried. There were questions that he answered, such as "How long do you want your next relationship to last?" And he answered "A few months to a year"; "Do you want to settle down and get married right away?" And I answered "Marry: no, settle down: yes", but his answer was just "No way".

Does that mean that he will dump me after a few months if we do become a couple/not commit to me?


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  • It means he understands that he is young and life is a long journey (hopefully).
    Early days, chill a little.


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