I have jealousy issues with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for quite a long time (5 years). When we first met, he was getting over his ex who had hurt him by belittling him and not caring once he ended the relationship. However, it has been years since their relationship and he has no feelings towards her, yet I feel such jealousy towards her.
Sometimes I feel like he wished things had worked out but he constantly tells me that he has much stronger feelings towards me that he never had towards her (he thinks about engagement and kids and never had those same future prospects with her). He never brings her up in conversation, it is actually always me. I don't know why I have such jealousy issues in our relationship but I can't seem to make them go away.
Is there any advice or suggestions as to how to get rid of jealousy in a relationship?


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  • You're making it pretty clear that this ex girlfriend of his is no reason for you to be jealous at all, but I think maybe instead of pushing aside your feelings as unreasonable we could assume that it's just an easy thing to focus your insecurities on when really they originate from somewhere else. I'm almost certain there must be some other problem there, some little things that shake your trust in him, some ways in which you're not satisfied with him as a boyfriend and that make you doubt his commitment to you. Or maybe it's you who isn't feeling the way you should be feeling, who's straying away from the relationship, and you're projecting onto him. Maybe think about that and get back to me on it


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  • no suggestion... cz the more you go inside ur relationship... the more u will be jealous... cz love creates... possessiveness conservativeness... jealous... and its really good i think so


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