Why Was He flirting?

So my aunt had a robbery and some cops came one started flirting with me and i heard his friend say that this cop wanted to come see me, i recognise this guy from my old hometown where i worked in a bar. This guy isn't the usual partner cop of the other officer. So he was getting me to notice him a lot and talking over the other officer at times too and showing he cared and being protective over me. They left and the cop brushed my hand. he's a nice guy from what i remember others saying but id never spoken to him before from my old town.

It seemed like the guy wanted me to notice him all the time he was at my aunts. Its been 3 months since he came and i haven't seen him around, so why did he act the way he did when he came round and towards me? I hear he's still stationed at the other town, but thought he'd make a move but hasnt?


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  • Sounds like youve got some feelings hahaha. But yeah from what i hear he's probably into you. The only way to find out is ask him if he wants to do something. If you like the dude then go to his station and ask if he wants to go get coffee.

    • Yeah I can't stop thinking about him, but oh my gosh i couldnt dare turn up at his station asking after him! He knows where i live though, but may think it inappropriate to just turn up to see me for a date etc?

    • I mean cmon thats the only way its gonna initiate something! Id do it if you had feelings for him.

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