How would you react to a guy shaking and sweating while asking you out?

Would it affect your answer?

  • I would say yes for being brave, it's understandable for him to be nervous
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  • I'd say no, it's awkward or weird
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  • I don't see a problem. I think it would be cute that he's that nervous to talk to me.


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  • That's understandable; I would probably feel a bit sympathetic towards him, even if I didn't like him.
    I would still say yes, if I liked him.

  • If he was cute and I was interested I wldnt care if he seemed nervous to me he just wld seem like a genuine sweet guy.. emotional which is hard to find

  • I'd be like "Aww, are you nervous? Dude its cool, don't sweat it (literally)" and then he'd probably take it the wrong way and wanna run off, so I'd just go ahead and be like "Yes. Doofus, let's hang" :-)


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