Girl completely cuts off contact the day before the first date?

I was talking to this girl I met online a few weeks ago and everything was going great. We got along great, we liked each other, we talked almost every day, we Skyped, we talked on the phone, everything except going out in person. We talked about a lot, even sex. The thing is, with absolutely no warning, the day before the date she just stopped answering my texts and calls. We planned that I was going to go to her house, she made the plans, she asked me. The last thing I said to her was "hey, you got a minute? it's about tomorrow." Then she sent me a text back that said "sure, what's up?" then I said "we should talk about tomorrow, like the time you want me to be there, because I work in the morning and i want to get my clothes ready tonight and go to the car wash", which was all true. She wanted me to come over after I got home from work and I just really wanted to make sure it was set in stone and actually happening. She already told me the night before that she was really, really nervous that I wouldn't like her in person, which is weird, since I already seen her on Skype. So yeah, that was the last time we talked. Haven't heard from her since. I was thinking she freaked because it was becoming "real" now. I'm not sure. Advice needed and appreciated.


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  • I think you are figuring right. When is the date? What have you texted her since you last spoke?

    • This all happened the Friday before last. The date was supposed to be the day after, on Saturday. I sent her a few texts throughout the next few days. The last text I sent her was on the 30th. I told her not to worry, that I won't judge her for being nervous, and that I was nervous too, so she has nothing to worry about, and I hope she is doing well. Still haven't heard back.

    • You did all you could do just give her some space now. Wait until she responds to you

  • There's nothing you can do about it until she decides to reach out to you first.