Should I ask out my crush at her house this weekend?

So I'm a guy,14, a little short (but good looking!) dirty blonde, she's 1inch taller and same age and hair, and the other guy is 13(same grade though) muscular and light blonde, and is totaly hitting on other girls but she doesn't know it)

She might like me or another guy (me and him are completly opposite in every way) but hard to tell sometimes. I realy like her and honestly care about her but I worry if I'm a bit of a "nice guy"... She's super nice and knows I like her (secretly likes Doctor Who:) but is realy cute and fun to be around.

And we kinda talked about hanging at her house with a few other freinds (it might be that she invited the other people over beciase of parents but idk) but she basically invited me over for a movie or something.

I beleive I'm confident enough to ask her out but I don't know about either parents, she might only say yes because she's nice (or say no so she won't hurt the guy), and I don't get to "flirt" with her a lot since the other guy is there I think it would make her unconfoterable.

So my question is, should I ask her out and what to do after that?


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  • Ask her out and then after that see what happens and what she says... if she says yes the hold her hand :):) i

    • Follow up; if she does say yes, what does that mean usually?

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    • So my crush and friend who was super nice "friend zoned" me last night.(I know that it's the lamest thing to do ever but it happened while we were texting). I just don't get why that "the nice" guy, no matter what he does, is always picked over by the other one who has no interest in anything but just "having a girlfriend" regardless of who they are. Oh and did I mention that he's on swim team, has her for nearly every class, and is good looking? I don't mean to sound like a wuss but this really sucks. And I don't know how to tell the girl this but the other guy is honesty hitting on lots of girls (and she doesn't realize he's hitting on her). I know that there are ways of escaping the "friend zone" but no one will give me any non-contradicting advice.

    • Well girls usually go for the athletic good looking type so usually I would say your fucked... but you seem nice so I'd say just tell her ya like her :):):)

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