A girl is back in town, what to do?

So this girl I know, I had some college classes when I was a freshman and sophomore and we were friends but I was interested in her but she had a boyfriend. Kinda lost contact with her after that. During last December she sent me a snap, and I texted her saying hey how have you been. We started to talk and both agreed to meet up but we never did because we were both very busy because she was moving in a couple of weeks, I was finishing up college, she was working 60+ hours and we just never had the time to meet up. So now I see she is back in town and has a new job here. She is single and has been for awhile. What is the best way to get in contact with her? Just send her a text asking how she has been? Girls how would you want to be approached?


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  • "Just send her a text asking how she has been? "

    And include, "Do you want to meet up so we can catch up? I would love to know how your life has been"


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