How to ask this girl to hang out? ( I have a crush on her)?

so i know this girl for like 1 week (since the beggining of school) but we have spoke on Skype from time to time this summer when playing video games with other poeple

when were sit together in class she always poke me and play with my stuff and we speak together but there is always a bunch of friends of us around so we didn't had moment when we are alone...

enough talking lets come to the fact: i want to ask her to hang out but there is a problem... where and how?

-i have heard that she dont like being outside that much (me neither btw) so i dont think that its a good idea to walk in the park

-i don't drink coffee so ask her for a coffee would be weird

here's the kind of stuff that we both like: video games, music, reading that kind of stuff

what should i do? there's no funky things to do in my small town... chilling at home would be weird for a first hang out i think? maybe a movie (the only fun thing to in interior in my town). i really don't know D:

i just realised that the cinema is like 30 min away in car... would it be still worth going there?
and we dont have our permanent driving liscence yet so...


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  • Ask her if she wants to see a movie with you, and maybe crash at your place/her place and play video games or watch TV after. Maybe also suggest grabbing lunch before/after the movie; nothing too fancy, maybe like Bread Co. or Dairy Queen. (If you have those where you live.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

    • thanks! but i just remembered that the movie place (cinema? i dont know how to call that in english) is like 30 min away in car would it be too far away? thanks anyway

  • If there is a book reading going on at a library that would be a pretty cool first date. If not then the movies sounds perfect


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