Did I just get stood up?

This is crazy right, but this guy I been talking to texted me asking me to take him out on a Friday. It was Monday when he did this OK, at first I was like - What? Aren't you the one to take ME out? I'm the girl here- but I just said OK, we made plans to do that, he said his car wasn't doing so good so I was going to be the one to pick him up (he hasn't lived around this area for long so he doesn't know the area well enough or at all), I considered being the driver and I, for once, did plan on taking a guy out on a date. So anyways, he says he misses me and hasn't seen me in awhile so it would be nice if we could do that. Some days passes by then on that Friday I call him to get a time and see if we were still on for the "date" (our first), he was at work but told me the time he would get home and what time I should get there around so I thought we were on the same page, when time came to it, I see he texted me asking me what time I would get there which I told him but instead of telling me he couldn't make it and something came up, he just texts me saying "no don't bother, I'm gone" ... 😒 uuhh I said to myself wth u mean ur gone, I was already getting ready and about to meet up with him too. I got so mad thinking I just got stood up. He true contacting me since (3-4 days I think) but I didn't reply or pick up his calls bcz I'm mad at him. I feel like my time wasn't important at all, the least he could of done was tell me ahead of time but to tell me when you're already gone? I don't know if I should give him another chance or what though, I do like him but I don't like being disrespected like that. I could never do that him or anyone, when I couldn't make him to hang out with him I called him and texted him to let know.


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  • Give him. a chance to answer for his mistakes maybe there was a death in the family, but make it straight with him that he greatly disappointed you and he has to work hard to earn another chance to get a date with you


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