Does he like me or... ? Just friendly?

We'll we just got back from a game bc we play in band and while walking to the car he started holding my hand.. My mom and his mom are good friends and they were in the same car watching and he didn't let go until we got into the car.. He also gave me a a big hug. ?


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  • He wants to hold your hand! Of course he likes you. There is no such thing as friendly hand-holding.

    • Haha ok thanks ! Sorry I guess I'm just trying to find ways to think its impossible to like me.. I don't know lol

    • Don't do that to yourself lol

  • of course he likes you. holding hands not wanting to let go? meeting you to his friends? playing with your hair? thats enough for me hehe. well he might be shy to confess to you so why dont you help him?


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