Is he just nervous? Worried about going too fast or uninterested?

So I met a guy at a coffee shop. He was my server, and we got along real well and flirted. On a whim I left my number and he texted a few days later. We went out to a movie, had a great time. A few weeks later we decided to hang out again, this time we both opted to "stay in" and save money. I show up at his place and his two buddies are there basically the whole time. He was still flirty, and we did have a good time over all. I enjoyed his friends, and I made them all laugh and they made me cry from laughter.

At one point my date and I had a little while to be alone we chatted and held hands for a bit. He said he wasn't looking for anything serious, and I agreed nothing too serious would be a good idea. So I met a guy at a coffee shop. He's sort of shy. He enjoys hanging out with people he also values his solitude.

I guess I'm struggling to figure out...

Is he just nervous to be alone with out his buddies as a buffer? Or is he uninterested? Or is he just being careful with the whole nothing serious? Granted, I know you don't know him or me. But some advice and thoughts would be helpful.

I also realized after I posted that my idea of not serious could be different then his or guys in general. When a guy says he doesn't want anything serious what are some possibilities of that? He was still very flirtatious eve


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  • he does not want to go serious.

    • Ok, so what do I do if anything? I like him and want to keep having fun and hanging out. Part of me is freaking out and thinking I should text him that I am just looking to have fun and nothing serious too. Part of me doesn't know what to do. And what I'm actually doing is sitting on my bed reading trying not to obsess. And I'll be honest I am new to the area and don't have a big social life yet. Advice of what to do?

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    • his behavior is very strange to me.

    • This is why I'm confused.

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