Why is it that this is all guys want?

I've been told I look very innocent yet all guys want when they talk to me is some sort of sexual act! Why does this always happen?


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  • No, not all guys want sex or sexual acts from girls. If these are the only type of guys you have encountered, it just means you've been in the wrong places with the wrong kind of guys.

    • That's kinda true but i don't really look for them. They just come to me.

    • Well... I can understand that. perhaps the really good guys are too scared of coming to you due to your innocent looks if they aren't 'innocent' themselves. In such cases, you could consider approaching such guys yourself (provided you are certain that the guy doesn't want ONLY sexual stuff from you).

  • Many younger guys have hormones racing through their body, and just want sex to fulfill the craving.
    There are many girls that I know that have the same situation, they are horny.
    Guys just have to learn how to behave themselves and not be so forward about it.


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