Is this giving the green light?

This guy i dated before, him and i met on wensday after not talking for 6 months because he didn't even live in my town etc etc. He contacted me and we went on a looong walk.
On our way back he said you should come over and see the apartment, have coffe or something. Dont hesistate contacting me, when your bored or want to hang out. He lives 5 min away from me.
Does this mean he is interested? and wants to see me more? Im confused if we are friends or what,


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  • It sounds to me like he doesn't know yet but he is interested enough to look further into things with you. He is leaving it in your court so to speak on if you want to see if there is a connection.

    • I already asked him maybe we can meet again after im home from barcelona, and ye replied yep, we can :)) it was fun

    • Well that kind of confirms what I was saying then. He is interested but wants to leave it in your court as to if you are also. So yes I think it is a green light then.

  • he wants to get to know and date you


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