I think my boyfriend is still into his ex?

Basically recently someone had told me about this girl and i asked him about her and he said thats his ex and he's not into her anymore. he's had his phone taken off and i told him he can access instagram through his laptop. So he did. He did like my photos but also went on his ex's photos and liked all her photos, he didn't go on anyone else's page?
Do you think he's still into her or am I just being silly?

they also had only been dating for a month then he broke up with her coz of me, but i still think he's into her?


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  • oh thats kinda tough, i guess its quite hard to forget an ex but when you're dating someone else it should be forgotten, how long have you and him been together tho?

    • almost 6 months

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    • they stopped talking like 2 months ago because his phone got taken off, he told me he completely stopped talking to her but i think he still talks to her at his sport place

    • it maybe a possibility that he liked her photos cause they're still friends but if he does still like her it would be hard to tell cause i highly doubt he would tell you...

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  • It's possible but he might just be being nice.


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  • There's a possibility that he may still be into her and he's not going to admit that to you

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