Do girls like a Sunday afternoon first date?

thinking of texting this girl to get a first date, not sure what day of the week and time would be the most ideal.

i am undecided between a Saturday night at clubs to show her that I am NOT trying to be just her friend and i am not a mild boring nice guy, or a Sunday afternoon lazy casual coffee / drink to avoid giving her too much pressure.

what you think?

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  • Sunday afternoon but I wouldn't go crazy with the clubbing depending on the type of girl she is it might make her hate you if she likes to roller skate that's a good thing to do on a Sunday also if she doesn't no how to skate you can shower her ( this is an excuse to touch her as in around the waste or hand in a little flirtatious way so she knows u want to be more than friends ) just an idea


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  • Sunday afternoon football at sports bar! As long as she likes football. :)

  • I'd say Sunday but if you want to take things a step further with her I'd suggest taking her out on a candle light dinner, take her shopping maybe, cinema? Buy her a bouquet of flowers and get her chocolates too x

    • ah, FUCK NO.

      don't give advice when you don't know what you are talking about, because everyone who has lived a day knows that's a recipe for utter disaster with a girl.

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    • no you don't.

      i have lived at least 10 years more than you hence i know more than you.
      that is just a fact.
      so shut up.

    • -.- don't get rude mate. I was just trying to help if you don't agree with my opinion then so be it. where's the decency gone.

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