Girls if the guy you really like and are trying to get turns up unexpectedly to somewhere you go, how would you react? Seeing as you wouldn't... ?

... have got yourself beautiful and dressed to see him. (assuming you're not a natural kind of girl)


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  • Well I don't wear make up or anything like that but if I ran into him on one of the days I didn't straighten my hair ( it's natural ly wavy but not the cute tame wavy it's the realy thick crazy wavy plus it's red so ) then I would kinda be nervous and constantly wondering what he's thinking and if I'm having a bold day or a day wear my anxiety isn't as bad I would straight up ask him


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  • If he liked me back, he wouldn't care for how I dressed or anything. I wouldn't be worried about anything, maybe more nervous about him coming up to me than anything.


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