Just wondering if you think about someone too much would that person think about you too even if its only flirting game?

This woman is really elegant , her style is so elegant, her voice is so beautiful , it took for me long time to realize that i like her and its not just flirting , she started first to flirt with me she smiled , but she didn't make any eye contact with me until i started it then she kept looking at me eyes every time she sees me , sometimes she come around me and look at my face i got speechless in front if her , one day i looked at her lips like a stupid person , she smiled i smiled back then she stood away looking down , but after i mad eye contact with her she always stand next to me when she is alone she even touch my arm and pretend like she didn't mean it , when i look at her when she is near she doesn't look , and sometimes she look at my face , i can't stop thinking about her even girls i talk too i dont like them like the way i liked her what should i do would she like me too?


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