Shall I go on this date or not?

I went on a date this past Tuesday, and have been rejected consistently when dating. These are guys I met online on dating sites. I felt nervous, given my history, going on the date , and was rejected, as per my assumptions, my self confidence was low and is even lower now. And before anyone asks, yes, I have worked on my self esteem issues. I have another date lined up for tomorrow. I feel I don't want to go to risk rejection, as I am in a really weak place at the moment. Would you guys go? Please can you guys and girls tell me what you would do if you were in my shoes? Im considering cancelling at this stage.


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  • I would go. Nothing to be gained without going, and never quit five minutes before the miracle. I don't have much faith in the online experience myself. I had a house mate who has made that work before, but that's him, not me.

    Unfortunately, with online dating, what I have noticed is that no one wants to talk much, they want to hurry up and feel the success of scheduling that date. There seems to be a sink of swim mentality to it. I prefer to get to know someone in order to become interested in them. Or else it's all forced. But to be honest, after several unsuccessful dates, I suspended my account. I think I prefer to meet people in person.


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  • If I were you I will go I don't have self esteem issues when it comes to meeting people though. But how can you know that you won't be rejected if you turn it down. If the guy told you that you're not attractive enough then you don't need him, just let him go. Try it for you to get the answer.