Taking it slow? meaning?

What do people mean when we say we want to take it slow?

So you meet someone and then decide you want to take it slow. What does that "actually" mean in detail?


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  • "Taking it slow' means starting out as even Friends First, getting to know one another, not rushing into anything Real like a Relationship at the moment, nursing and nurturing What you have started, and Not feeling hooked at the hip at the slightest little heart beat. xx

    • but isn't that a way to fall into the friends zone very easily?

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    • People always tell me this a lot and it's strange because I have no way of myself that I set any privacy... Just Follow me, sweetie and leave me messages if you want. I answer when I am able to, will try and answer for you... xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, glad I could help... xx

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  • They want to know you first before anything else.

    • and what's the time frame with that? I mean as a guy I wouldn't want to fall in the friendzone by taking it slow.

    • It will take from 2 months up to 6 months, some take more. It means she wants to know you as a person, likes and dislike if you have something in common. She might not want to go for sex right away without knowing who you really are first. Also by taking it slow could mean that she is probably thinking on something more serious or just figuring if you are her type for that matter.

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  • Taking it slow means, taking your time with another person, going different places, getting to know them, , until your both comfortable to move onto the next stage.

    • and how long has taking it slow last? I mean as a guy it's hard to know when a girl is interested in you and when she is taking it slow?