I'm writing a novel that takes place in England (London), could you please share some knowledge about places, culture etc?

I'm writing a novel that is located in London. My main character just moves there for work, and I need to figure out some places etc. You can just tell whatever you want about daily life in England, or then you could answer to some of my questions here:

- What do you after work / where do you go?
- What are The Places To Be in London (e. g. some popular restaurants, bar, clubs etc)
- Where do you usually shop if you're 20-something girl?
- What do you consider as a normal first date? What kind of things do you do? Who is paying?
- What suburbs/areas in London would be realistical to live for a young professional woman? Can she afford her own place or is it too expensive? If you share your flat, how are the apartments usually? Common kitchen & bathroom or what?
- Everything about brand names to places where you like to hang out etc. is great! Like, favorite chocolate bars, crisps, coffee shops?



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  • Actualy if I were you whatch a show like "Sherlock" or another British TV show set in England to get a better idea. Also "Doctor Who" takes place in Cardiff but seasons 1-3 are loaded with "English" info (just skip the action scenecs). Something else is that England is very lopsided. Other than Londan (and a few other smaller cites) everything is rural. Not saying that England has a bad economy but this "lopsided" factor effects the country greatly. Expect to have it set usally in cloudy setting ((being an archepedgio (sorry no autocorrect) it receives a lot of rain)). Fish n Chips (we call them French fries) is always popular. Just look around in the media there's tones of stuff to learn about England. If your confuse about Great Britain, England, UK, etc then look up CGP Grey; he can clear it up for you (also has a couple other useful videos on England. Hope I helped!

    I so badly want to go to 221B Baker St.!

    • Thank you :) I'll watch those. I've been to England two times, so I know something, but never observed things that way. Luckily internet provides lots of help, but it is always nice to hear real experience :)

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