Do you think it' s unfair that you are single or not married at a certain age?

Like men look at you all the time and flirt with you, but you mostly get boys who are immature or men who are not ready to commit.
I also come across guys who are after my money. If I meet someone and we have a nice relationship heart is broken after months. I am a decently elegant woman.

I want to meet a serious guy and get married.
But this just seems impossible.

I feel sometimes it's unfair. Why I can't get what I believe I deserve?

I feel bad for myself.


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  • no i dont think its unfair because i believe if you want something to happen then you gotta go out and make it happen. seldom do things just fall into your lap without your having to work for it. if you're determined you'll find a way, if you're not determined you'll find an excuse. so how determined are you?

    • I am determined. I even tried online dating for marriage for some time. But it was a failure so I decided to stop.


    • heyy no problem:) and you know you will find a way. its not impossible. and you seem to have a good head on your shoulders:D

    • ooh noice!:D TYvM!:)

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  • Time to start buying those cats girl.

  • All you need to do is meet as many people as possible to chose from the lot. Networking too will come in handy along with a few close female friends to spread your status. As the other person just mentioned you need to find your way. Also some might find you intimidating considering if you are wealthy or are pretty successful in your career.

  • Most guys my age have had kids and seroius heartaches so being in love again is really scary


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  • It's possible you are making poor dating choices

    • Not really, I try to give guys and myself a chance and after a date or two I know for sure it won't work.

      I don't want to be so picky.