I like my colleague, but I can't ask her out!?

Recently, a new girl joined my regional team. She works in a region that covers my country (she is in a different country). I first met her in April, she was nice and cute. Then we started working together a lot. Since I'm based in a different country, I don't see her a much but I really started to like her.

So I went on a 2 hours flight to her office and worked there for 2 days + stayed the weekend + tomorrow (work day).

We have went out every day, we went for dinner daily and since she recently moved to this country, she was still in the shopping phase for the house. So we went together shopping for furniture.

Yesterday, I hired a private boat trip around the city. And it was amazing. I flirted a bit, but she was sort of defensive on the boat. Then I she pointed out something about her looks. I replied that she so beautiful. She completely ignored my word. We had a bad dinner at a fancy restaurant, both of us had stomach problems so left.
When I got back to the hotel, she texted me on how sweet it was and that she loved the boat trip. I told her that she is a sweet and nice person. Today morning, she called. She said " please don't say that I'm sweet and stuff because it makes me shy. And yesterday was so perfect but we work together."

I asked her to postpone the topic until once we meet. When I asked her, she repeated what I said on both instances and said that if I was a girl, she would have responded but she can't. And saying these things would make it difficult to work together.

I really don't care that we work together, what can be a problem from my point of view is we live in different countries.

I really like her, she is super sweet, honest, smart and beautiful. I would love to ask her on a date. But because of what she said, I'm scared to hell. We work together like daily over the phone.
I'm confused and depressed, my flight back is tomorrow. I can fly back like twice a month for her but what shall I do to win her?


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  • Nothing. You can not win her. She will keep putting up walls to stop you. And if you keep trying to get close to her, eventually she will get angry and stop talking to you.


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