Guys showing interest and then disappearing?

Hi All

I meet guys online (dating sites) and in clubs. Not sure where else to meet them, as I live in the UK, and it is quite hard to meet guys in any other capacity (most of my friends are female or gay).
I have the kind of looks that people either absolutely love or hate, there is no in between view. I am 'average' i. e 5 foot 6/7 and a UK size 8/10. I am dark etc, of an ethnic minority. I don't do or say anything desperate when engaging with them.

Just wondering if guys disappear after a few texts (they usually ask me out and then disappear and don't commit to the date), and only show interest when I ignore their messages at times (mostly as I can't be bothered sometimes, as the outcome has always been them disappearing at some stage). Would you say that when you men behave in the manner outlined above, that you do so as you are texting lots of other girls at the same time, and you just decide to go for the model hot girl and forget the average girl (me)? They don't know my personality before you ask, obviously as they never see the date requests through.


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  • For me personally i had my mind on a couple girls at one time. I looked at the one that was keen and such and one that wasn't interested.

    Its really hard to say whats going through their minds

    • What is your understanding of 'not interested'? what kind of behaviours?

    • Well looked at the texts when i was asking someone out.

      One (current gf), would tell me without asking why she can't get out, she's busy or somewhere else and will say around when is a good time. The other one was ignoring my texts and only replied when iknew what tto text for a reply.

      Not interested, barely talking, kinda avoiding, if you initiate talk in person they will try to get away, make up excuses in person, lie on text e. g. (im sick, then seeing the person perfectly fine the next day).

      My gf never texted me first before i tried stating my intentions. hasn't been a week even since this happened (asked out).

      You can literally feel the difference.

    • ok thanks

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