Not going to school, not into the club/bar scene, so where can I meet guys?

I just don't know how else I can meet new people if I'm not going to school, and I kind of hate bars and clubs. A random drunk guy bit me on the shoulder at a club once. Like, come on.
So where else could I potentially meet someone?


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  • Oh, I love these marketing questions, so reminiscent of Mad Men. Anyway.

    There are 24 hours in a day, and 8 of them are spent sleeping. So, the question is, where do men spend the other 16 hours? 2 of them are "dead" time (meaning, time that's used to transition between other activities, and generally unproductive. So, we're down to 14 hours. Take away 2 hours for travel (to and from work). That's 12 hours so far. Take away 8 hours for work. That's 4 hours remaining. Take away 1 hour for lunch. That's 3 hours.

    Okay, let's take a step back.

    Why was "school" such a great place for meeting guys? He was right there for 8-10 hours a day. If you caught him, that would give you plenty of time to talk. If you didn't, not the end of the world, he would be there tomorrow anyway. That's also why "work" has become the new "school" of the dating world, only it's "off limits."

    Okay, so you're not going to meet a man in his sleep, during his dead time, or during his work, so..

    He's got to get "to" and "from" work each day? Right? (Yeah, but it's kind of awkward to just talk to someone in a crowded bus, or train). Oh I'm sorry, then just talk to him during the remaining 40 hours of opportunity he has to talk to you during his day!

    He has to "eat," right? Studies show that women are more likely to meet someone at Dunkin' Doughnuts than at Starbucks during lunch time. Why? Nobody is expecting to be chatted up during their quick in and out food/coffee run, whereas at Starbucks, everyone is sort of "expecting" to be chatted up, disappointed if they don't, and on guard and in game-mode if they do. It's not easy pickings, and there may only be 30-60 seconds to find something to talk about, but chances are, frequent occasional bump ins could lead to an exchange of numbers.

    What about his other 3 hours? Unlikely. That's his "personal" time where he's "de-stressing." Plus, "where" are you going to find him?

    • Don't go looking for love, let it find you. But that doesn't mean you have to stand in a deserted alley waiting, when you can be standing in the middle of a busy street practically bound to be hit by oncoming traffic. Location, location, location. Also, stay away from places like meetup. com or the Internet space in general where older sex-starved desperate guys or other salemen-y types are looking to prey on girls that are desperate to find love and a man. That's what you're announcing to the world when you make a profile on OKcupid (or any other similar website) or show up at an event you found at meetup. com (unless you're a lawyer handing out her business cards there, then I suppose you're the person being annoying rather than the person others are trying to sell things to).

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  • The best thing you can do is get involved with things you love. If you need ideas go here and browse groups to and join in on some activities:


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