How to go from being friends to something more?

There's this girl, and, I guess I love her. The thing is, we've been friends for a while, and, I don't know what to do. When we met, I thought she liked me, but I didn't like her, so I didn't do anything. The thing is I did like her, but just pretended I didn't, because I was scared to. Then I finally admitted how I felt to myself, we were already becoming distant. Finally, on the last day of school, I told her how I felt, and she rejected me. The thing is, after that she acted like she had some feelings for me, like when we first met. I know what everyone will say, but, I've tried meeting other girls, I've gone on dates with other girls, even had short relationships with other girls, but no matter what I did, I didn't like them, no matter how much I forced myself to. I don't care about anyone else's stories about how miserable they were until they found "the one" or something like that, because I'm not desperate, I really just haven't and can't have feelings for anyone else. Anything is possible, and a part of me feels like we were meant to be together, our ideals are similar (though we like different things), we're both passionate people, and I know, unlike me, she's a good person, through and through, I can see it in her eyes. Obviously, she's not perfect, I don't think she is, and I've never put her on a pedestal, though I guess I never really flirted either. Just, what do I do, I really don't know, I feel I can change things, I can fix them, I've always been able to fix things, change how people think, so, how should I go about changing this?


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  • Try having an open, honest discussion with her. See if she will hear you out. Saying a prayer may help also.

  • I think she might like you. Just become close again, and then start flirting a little, see if she flirts back. Try finding out what kind of guy she likes, and she might describe you. I hope I helped and good luck :)


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