How to ask this theater girl out?

Okay, so I'm a sophomore and she's a freshman. I met her at auditions for a play and we got along pretty well. She told about how she was in theater and had thought I was a junior doing my third year of high school plays (I have no experience whatsoever). Anyway, I looked at the call board and found out we both made it. After reading the script, I saw that the character I play ends up asking out her character and she says yes. Rehearsals start next week and the show is on the 18th and 19th. When should I ask her out? And do you think I can use the casting to my advantage (like make a smooth line or something)?


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  • Dude! Just go for it, there's no exact way to ask a girl out...

    If you get rejected, just deal with it and go on. If she likes you, then you're a star!

    If she likes you, you can say weird stuff and she'll still like you hahah, don't worry i'm a master at that ;)

    Can you answer my question too? :)
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  • Wait till you get more comfortable around each other, and while you are chatting ask her: Wanna grab a cup of coffee after school? or something like that, casual. Don't start over thinking it, just go for it.


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