GUYS, you're dating a girl and you start liking her FB photos and statuses, why?

I'm just curious. If you're dating a girl but not bf/gf yet why do you like her FB stuff? Is it to tell her you're thinking about her or what?

****I have a guy that I'm seeing but we haven't hungout in a week (so long) but he'll like my stuff on FB so I'm just wondering...


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  • What does it mean? It means that he's not shy or ashamed to like your stuff and probably takes pride in liking your stuff. It can also be a way of getting your attention or showing you that he's still a part of your life

    • So if you were busy and couldn't hang with the girl for a week or so you'd be liking her photos on FB to tell her "you're still here." ?

    • If I missed her and want to see her then I would make an effort to assort myself somewhere in her life. Also I would definitely like her pictures if I liked her and thought she looked good in them.

  • I like girl posts if only I like those posts
    Doesn't mean I like that girl or something


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