To girls getting hit on, this question is for you!?

Hi ladies, (and boys)

I'm a well dressed guy that have a kinda nice body and an "average" face (i'd say 7/10 for the face).

Usually, women think i'm well dressed, have a nice body and nice hair. I smell good and act with confidence (I am VERY confident).

I am NOT cocky, just confident!

I do hit on gorgeous women from time to time. I am NOT a player, but I got told one day that hitting on women or even talking to random guys builds up your confidence. It really helped me troughout the years to do so...

Thing is, I just talk to random strangers and never plan to hit on a women to then have a date with her. I recently started my career, bought a house, a car and etc so the only thing that's missing in my life is... A WOMEN!

So, let's say I spot a gorgeous women that looks kind and nice, and let's say i'm in a hurry and can't talk much to her, what if I approach her and just tell her: "hey, how are you doing? What's your name? I'm jean-michel. It might seem a little bit weird but I was looking at you from there and I find you very attractive. Would you be willing to go get a coffee with me someday?"

Would you give that guy your number? I mean, he might want you for sex, or really just be attracted to you and might want to know you better...

What would you think? I asked for a coffee, NOT a beer. A coffee for me means "knowing you better".

I know many guys that don't stand up and hit on gorgeous women like I do, and they look much better than me, but less confident. I don't give a shit about rejection, that's the thing...

Anyways, tell me what you think!!

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  • Since this guy/you said coffee instead of beer I would definitely agree. Plus the setting of a cafĂ© is much more appealing than a bar setting.

    You also said that this person/you says get "coffee someday" instead of saying "do you want to do something tonight". I can't really explain it, but to me, that's a whole lot better.

    • Thank you for the time you put into answering my question!

      Well, since I workout a lot and take care of my physique, the only beer I drink is unalcoholized (0.5%). I rarely go to bars because of the loud music and "Looking for sex tonight" thematic that most bars have.

      To explain the fact that I said "someday" instead of "tonight", I am a very busy person and I believe that a girl that's worth dating has her future on check just like I do. Someday for me means whenever she's free for a talk, and I'd prefer in daytime/lunch instead of night.

      Thanks again!

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    • You're welcome :)

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  • Yes I would give me number... why not! Plus if you became a hassle I can stop talking to you or responding to your messages or just overall block you off my number! With that said... it takes a man a lot of courage patience and enter it to step it up and go up to a woman let alone the risk of rejection. A coffee means I WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU, WHILE a night out or late nite date means I want to know what your made of what you got!!! Let's say you just wanted sex... well that's why giving you the number is good that way once you start talking the girl will know what they guys intentions are and ALSO THE GUY WILL FIGURE O UT IF HE STILL WANT TO PRO ETD in her being that they might not be on the same page... only reason I would say NO I can't give you my number is if I MARRIED I AM DATING SOMEONE OR IN A RELATIONSHIP OF THAT NATURE

  • Ok you asked me to answer your question and I'm gonna try because you really gave me a confidence boost with your answer to mine. Unfortunately I've never been in the position of having a guy hit on me or ask me for anything. The guy I was talking about in my post just happened to move in next to me and we randomly started talking. But I loved how you asked for the "coffee not beer" thing and confidence is extremely attractive to me because I don't have an ounce of it. So if you seemed as nice in real life as you did with my question and you came across the way you described, I would totally give you my number! If you wanted it. Lol.

  • If i had an attraction with you then yes i would give you my number.. Asking her that "hey, how are you doing etc etc etc" is a good way to ask her for a coffee.. So yes give it a go

  • if I think he looks good and I like his vibe, yeah I would be interested and probably say yes

  • If I were attracted to said guy, I would defo give him my number ^^ I don't know you tho, so I can't really give ya a specific answer^^

  • Jean,
    it depends on the girl If I attracted to a guy and he came up to me and ask me out for coffee, I would give him my number. If I wasn't I wouldn't. When you do go up to her ask her in a nice so she won't get freaked out. Thanks for answering my question too.

  • I like it when guys are confident, and if I like the way you look I'd definitely give you my number.

  • Noooo stranger danger remember? Lol get to know her a bit better first

  • I'm just not really the type of person who would be comfortable with giving out my number unless I got to know the person a bit first. Cause like you said, you really don't know what kind of person they are.

    • Thank you for your answer!

      Your answer is the reason why I get rejected from time to time. But I can totally understand it! Some girls I know get hit on ALL-THE-TIME by weirdos, they just don't give their number anymore.

      Thanks again for taking the time to answer.

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