Do I have any hope of having a boyfriend/husband again?

I'm 22 and recently became a single mom. I was with my son's father for four years and we were two weeks away from getting married when he left. He started hanging out with new people at work (non of whom had kids or wives) and he decided he liked that life better. I truly didn't do anything. Even he will tell you that. Even though it hurt, I had been expecting it to happen so it wasn't that bad. At first I tried to be all optimistic and be like, well just because he didn't love us doesn't mean there isn't someone out there who will. But then I got to looking around and doing some research on guys feelings (hence how I found this website) and now I'm scared its not ever gonna happen. My son has autism and sometimes its a pain. But he can't help it. I was in a car wreck a few months ago and don't have complete use of my left arm. It works but it doesn't straighten out or bend in all the way. I can't help that either. On the plus side I have my own house free and clear. Its not the best but it works. I have a car and am in the process of going back to school once I decide on a subject. I'm honest and loyal and would never cheat or anything like that. And my sons father wouldn't be an issue because he only sees him about eight hours a month (his choice there's no custody battle or anything). I read some things that say guys wouldn't want to date a mom because they would come second to the child. I thought that was kind of ridiculous because they came first to their moms once. And yeah my childwill come first because I'm all he's got. But if the relationship got really serious and was going good, hopefully we could all 3 come at the same place with each other. I really want to be in a relationship again but I'm afraid no guys around my age (20-27ish) would have any interest in a girl with a 3yr old special needs child and a partial disability in her arm. I know those things aren't ideal but they're not in my control. So do I have any hope of having a man again?

Thanks guys. I feel better already. Idc if the guy has kids. I'd prefer he not be overrun with them but I'd be a huge hypocrite if I had a problem with 1 or 2. Age isn't too big a deal but 10+yrs is a little too much. It would be creepy for me.
I am very very religious and have been in church since I was born. That would also be a big factorwith a potential guy. I just didn't put that in the original question cause I was afraid it would start some big debate and get everyone off topic.


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  • YES you have hopes. I personally don't give a damn about everything you said that "might" matter to other men.

    A girl like you is a girl to marry! I can feel it just with the way you wrote your question. Stop being concerned about things that actually don't matter AT ALL. Screw what everyone thinks. You're not going to build your future with "everyone", you're going to build it with someone YOU love and that loves YOU.

    Can you answer my question too? :)
    hgirlsaskguys. com/dating/q1135871-to-girls-getting-hit-on-this-question-is-for-you


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  • I love single moms. They're usually nicer and more approachable than other girls my age. They treat you fair even if they aren't attracted to you. I like playing with children as well.

    Yes you have hope but you need to find men who like children and who are more mature than your average guy just looking for hope. There is always hope, you will find the right guy, : )

  • Those are excuses. Many guys don't date women with children or get serious because there is always and forever another man who hates you and him in the picture.

    Sounds like you are on a good path, have you tried joining a church? God may surprise you.

  • I'm sorry to hear that. He will regret walking away from a loving wife and son. But by then it will be too late for him

    I'm not gonna lie. Getting a childless man, especially a childless young man, would be tough partly because of the reason you mentioned.

    But you should have no problem with single dads, except perhaps very young single dads. They'll understand what you're going through better than a childless guy could anyway. If you're willing to expand the upper end to like 35, that would make it easier for you too


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  • I really hope u find someone special who will stay with u u deserve it and so does your son just because of a disability should not matter me and my oldest child both have a disability

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