Should I be concerned I could be a rebound?

A guy I know has recently been throwing my massive signs of interest. But I know that he is trying to get over an ex. If he asks me out should I be worried about only being a rebound?


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  • Yes you should. Been there, and it really sucks (also getting over someone really fucks up your mind).
    Then again, if they are genuine you should get with him.

    My suggestion is to be honest about him. Tell him you're interrested, but that you're worried it might be a rebound. This WILL bum him down temporarily (but will be better in the long run). Tell him you want to wait a little (at least 2 months, if not more), and if he's still interrested when he've gotten over her, then you're more than happy to give it a try at least.

    how could this POSSIBLY help? Well, if he's still interrested after say 2-3months it's an indicator it'll last for a while if you do find the tone. If you're also interrested in him at that time, it's a proof you want him. If he isn't interrested, you kinda proved it was a rebound and prevented a rebound relationship.

    With that in mind, don't be afraid to treat him like a friend (friend ONLY. never give him other ideas) if he's among the persons at the party/event (call it what you want). Talk with him, get to know him. If he's serious, you both knows what persons you'll be dating. If it turns out to be a rebound, you still might gain a friend.

    Just my long 5cents


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  • I wouldn't worry.
    A relationship has to start somewhere, and if it is good, it can last.


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  • definitely keep it in mind, i have been in that position.. I knew he was still getting over his ex, I was dumb enough to fully realise it in the end, i was a rebound. Just be careful, if he is still talking to his ex, or trying to contact her, then i wouldn't go there. But there's always two sides, not just one.. He could be a great guy and stuff, keep chatting, see how things go, but dont let it leave your mind