How do you quickly figure out SEXUAL compatibility?

Now, I'm probably not gonna be worried about this for a while, but I've read stuff on here, and I wonder this.

What if you really like someone, and are ready to take it to the level, and then you find out...

You're dominant, you're partner is dominant.

You're submissive, you're partner is submissive.

You're a "switch", you're partner is either submissive or dominant.

You're partner has fantasies you do not like doing.

How would you solve this before it even becomes an issue?
If you say talk it out, then how would you bring it up in conversation?


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  • Just like in any relationship, I would communicate with my partner to try to find ways to get around problems.

    If both of you really want it to work, you both will TRY as hard as you can to solve things, because it matters to you...

    Can you answer my question too? :)
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    • If you have conflicting sexual preferences, than how do you make it work?
      One example--Imagine the girl wanting to gagged and flogged, and the guy doesn't really enjoy that much it when he does. For him it's sort of a turn off.