What to do when stuck in a Love Triangle in High School? M/M/F?

I've seen this happen and it doesn't seem to get a lot of attention for those in high school but it is still there. What should the guys know from the girl? Or if you are a guy, how do you handle it with the other guy?

Things like:
Another guy is stealing my crush, help?
She defiantly likes us both but won't chose?
Mabey likes the other guy, what do I do?
The other guy is my freind, how do I handle that?
After going out and breaking up with him she comes back saying she's sorry?
How do I flirt with her when the other guy is around?

It's a diffrent level then in collage+ beciase even though high schoolers may be mature, they still arnt as mature as a fully developed man/woman. This topic can happen and I don't know why no one does talk about for high school.


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  • These never turn out well. If you really just want to put an end to the drama find someone else