Is there any way she still likes me?

I liked this girl for years but when I'm around her I get very shy and can't talk to her except once a couple of months back I talked to her she was a, little surprised when I did lol but I think she liked me cos every time I saw her since she smiled at me and would come to the front of the shop where she works but I kept messing up and not talking to her since now she longer shows any interest and I never see her anymore

I don't have her number and I don't use social network
I know her through a friend


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  • As a girl, I can't really develop feelings for a guy who I've never talked to. How did you get to know this girl? Do you know any of her friends? I understand that it's hard for you to talk to her because of nerves and congratulations for going to talk to her. That really takes guts but since you have taken the first step you need to try again. You may really like her but she needs to really get to know you before anything happens. Oh, and btw, she probably WANTS to get to know you.


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  • Why don't you contact her on social media or text her


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