Why wouldn't she tell me?

I'm really good friends with this girl and she's going out with someone I know and they broke up. I was texting her for like 3 hours and I kept asking her how she was but she never told me they broke up. I know for sure they did, but why wouldn't she have told me?


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  • Maybe she doesn't like talking about things and isn't very open. I know I'm that way. It's harder for me to talk about things than to just deal with it on my own and I don't share personal things with people unless I'm extremely good friends with them. Even then, I don't always open up right away.

    • What's something I can say that wouldn't sound like I know, but will make her tell me?

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    • I told her I like her like a Month ago, she still tells me she's going to all my hockey games and stuff like that. I've told her a lot about me no one else knows, and she was telling me before that she things there growing apart. I just don't understand why she didn't tell me, it's just something I would want her to be the one to tell me

    • Is she usually an open person or more closed off? I'm pretty closed off and usually don't talk about stuff. It took me 6 months to tell my best friend after the death of a close family member and that was only because she asked something about them so then I kind of had to tell her. Let her tell you when she wants to. You can't force someone to tell you something or like you which can be hard but that's the way it happens sometimes.

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  • breakup is painful thing.. may be she is avoiding the pain by talking about her. don't make it an issue... its a small thing. everyone deals thing differently. i never talk about my breakup to the people i know. (although i haven't accept breakup myself.. but this is just me)
    give her some space.. and love i must say..
    love is after all , we all need...

  • Maybe she doesn't want to sound like she is ready to start dating again... like hinting that she's single for you to ask her out. Or maybe she is hoping that she will get back together. I personally wouldn't say anything because I would feel like I was asking for pity. There are a lot of reasons why she doesn't want to talk about it, especially if it was a painful breakup.

  • It would be kind of awkward to tell a guy friend oh yeah I broke up with so and so. It kinda comes across as I'm single now. Depending on the type of girl she is. If she's over calculating that could be one of her thoughts. Or she could just not want to talk about it.


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