I'm too awkward around guys.. will I be single for life?

I'm 23 and I'm still awkward around guys I like and I only had one bf when i was 16-18 and I have been single for about 6 years. Every time I like a guy I ruin it with my awkwardness. I'm too awkward to make eye contact and too awkward to even say hi. I feel like I push men away. Will a guy every go for an awkward girl?


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  • Yes a guy will go for a girl like you. I know you can not help not replying or talking to guys but it does come across as cold and unfriendly. I am not trying to criticise you because I can totally understand you because I am shy to when it comes to girls sometimes, just letting you know how it comes across, so I know what you are going through. The advantage you have is that society accepts a shy girl when it comes to dating more than it accepts a shy guy. So if a guy talks to you try to just say hi to him even if you come across as shy it is still better than saying nothing. Most guys will understand if you come across as shy, you would be surprised how understanding guys are when girls are shy. If it helps many guys like to pretend they are the masters at talking to women and making the first move, the actually truth is us guys generally are more shy than we let on to you girls. So he will understand.


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  • Answer: more then likely you will not.
    Answer 2: Yes, they will, but the awkward girl will probably be too stunned to say yes.
    Advice: Might I suggest a the acting technique? You do not have to be THEE sexiest, confident, smooth talking women in the world, you just have to act like one. To help you act like one, there is nothing more helpful then props. Put on a nice dress and some makeup. This will provide a lot of the confidence you are missing. You don't have to be a knight, but have wearing the armor and having a horse will convince a lot of people you are a knight.

  • Crash your way through it dear. Fake till you make it, as they say. It may help to be forthcoming about your awkwardness so that he/ any man/ knows from the start that this is a thing for you. But you most likely won't get far if you're not willing to take a leap. What have you got to lose? You can only be you. Someone will like you if you're genuine about your feelings for them. Of that, I am sure.


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  • I'm in the same position as you, but I've never had a boyfriend, haha
    I'm not really SHY (used to be when I was younger), just awkward. Like I say dumb/dorky things sometimes, and I don't flirt like most girls do. I flirt with teasing and sarcasm. And my lack of experience certainly doesn't help to alleviate awkwardness, haha
    I guess one could say that this method doesn't work very well since I'm 22 and have been single all my life, but a sarcastic dork is just what I am, and I wouldn't want to change it even if I could. Eventually there will be SOMEONE who's gonna find it endearing. I hope... haha

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