How to cope with moving 70 miles away from my boyfriend?

So me and this guy (my neighbor, actually) were really close friends, he would come over and watch movies all night with me and we'd cuddle and stuff most days of the summer. well I got the wonderful news that I had to move 70 miles away a few days before school started (we're both in 10th grade) we've skyped most nights but it's not the same as having him with me every night. I've cried most nights too just thinking he's not with me. On the day before I moved he spent, literarily, all day with me and we just talked about anything. At like 5 am the day I was moving, he spilled out his feelings for me and we're kind of dating now, the only issue is I'm 70 miles away. How do I cope with this?
(Ps: I can drive, but I can't drive down to my home town to see him until Christmas break :( )

Any advice is helpful 😘


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  • I'm 387 miles away from my boyfriend. I used to be 77 miles away when he was still in our hometown and I was at school. Then I'd drive to see him every other weekend. Now he's away at school and it's TORTURE not being able to see him.

    We talk on the phone nightly and send each other texts, pictures, and snapchats throughout the day. I'm driving to see him in October (anniversary) and it's all I can do not to drive to him now.

    You need to come up with a system that works for you. I'd drive those 70 miles to see him every weekend if I were you. But if you really can't then you can't.

  • It's ok. This won't last long before you break up and you find someone new

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