What can a lady do for a guy on a date?

If a guy is being a gentleman (opening car and main doors, letting you enter first, paying for the date, asking you about yourself, etc) how can I reciprocate to show I care and make the date great for him too?


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  • well, what you can do is following date etiquette to the letter. I'm going to mention some you should really heed.
    1. put away your phone. (do i need to explain why)
    2. be yourself. After all, it's you he wants to date
    3. Interrest yourself in him. Even if he asks about you, ask about him too. Try to get to know him.
    4. Show romantic interrest if you feel it there. Some tips are looking into his eyes (don't do the cheesy deep stare. that might seem creepy), but the ones that make him feel like you can't take your eyes off him. Express yourself with smiles and laughs (guys really like this, and it makes us feel liked. also if you're having fun, us guys will relax too). If the moment calls for it, give him a teasing kiss (on the first date, this tend to work best at the end before you part ways.
    5. Answer properly, but don't ramble away. This means no single word answers (no exceptions), but also don't give him a full novel when he's asking.
    6. After the dinner, invite him for something extra if you enjoyed yourself. I am NOT talking about sex (seriosly, don't do this), but more in line of a stroll in the park or something. Something romantic where you two can be alone and kiss/flirt.

    I'm going to repeat number 2. BE YOURSELF :)
    Show who you are, and make him interrested in that person. Don't give him a fake image, but show him who you are.

    I don't really think i can give you any more than that.


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  • Flirt, smile, compliment, if something's funny, laugh, give him a kiss later, some touching (footsie or touching his hand/arm). All things which communicate interest.

  • We just enjoy and appreciate you being legitimately interested and chill. Bring up ideas on where to go like a stroll in the park or something, have a great conversation there. Don't drift.


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