I see a lot of questions on websites and even in person from women that they hate prenups? I'm not suprised?

Women are quick to state that a man's money or potential of his ability to make money plays "no factor" in her decision in being with him for the short or long haul and that a prenup is an insult to their "looooooove for him".

Well my respond to women who make this statement is: Tell that to the idiots who would actually believe you! Because I don't believe you!

When choosing a mate, women factor in money to the same degree that men factor in physical beauty when choosing a mate. They hate prenups because it forces out THE TRUTH and their secret motives when choosing a man who has money or who has the potential to make a lot of money in the future. And then when a man's does want a prenup, women are quick to use verbal shaming tactics by saying things like:

-You don't trust me?

-Are you planning that we will get divorce?


MEN!!! Notice how I used their own shaming tactics against them with my respond.

Men be smart. Use what God blessed your brain with: Logic and Strategy. MEN STOP LETTING YOUR EMOTIONS AND LETTING WOMEN COLOR YOUR JUDGEMENT IN SEEING SITUATIONS IN A LOGICAL , STRATEGIC, AND PRACTICAL WAY. If a woman truly loves you for who you are and not for your money, then she shouldn't have a problem with signing a prenup. Its that simple!!! No if, ands, or buts about it!!!

Note: I've never been married. So I'm not one of these bitter divorce men who got taken for half his stuff in divorce court. But too many men nowadays are getting burnt in divorce court and sent to the cleaners. I'm completely against marriage. It destroys men. Divorce and Family Court laws are anti-male. But if you do get married, be smart! Make her a$$ sign a prenup before you marry her.


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  • You are spot on, QA! Men have allowed themselves to be controlled by women for decades and it's time to put an end to it. The fact is that men control the resources in this world and always will. Marriage is nothing more than a tool for women to control those resources via men. The ONLY way women can survive in this world, even today, is when men make it possible.

    Men, don't allow yourselves to be so easily coerced by females. Sex is the ONLY tool by which women control men, and that can only happen if men allow it to. Without men, women are dead, period.

    A prenup is essential for any man considering marriage today. Women themselves have made it so.


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  • I can totally see where you are coming from. IDK, I feel like a prenup is basically planning your separation (in a factor other than what it actually does). It's hard to explain my feeling towards them. I feel like the second an SO starts a conversation with how a prenup is going to come into question, is like the separation between you to are just bound to happen. Does that make sense?

    I might be the only woman who could care less about how much her SO makes. It's not about the money, it's about living happy. You can totally live happy and comfortably making less than 15K a year, or over 6 figures. It's just a matter on how the two of you go about life. If he makes enough to be able to live comfortably while being able to spend extra cash on unnecessary things, then more power to him. I was raised to be financially independent and to not rely on anyone for money, married or not.

    A prenup is like low-key planning your divorce. That's just me.

  • I agree with you 100%. If I ever get married, I will absolutely be getting a prenup so that the both of us can be protected. I definitely am very ambitious when it comes to my career so I plan on making a pretty nice amount of money one I finish graduate school, and I want to have peace of mind should anything ever happen.

    I don't really understand the logic of people who claim prenups are planning divorce. It's not. In my opinion, prenups are like having car insurance: you don't PLAN on getting in a car crash, but IF it happens you want to be prepared.

    Expect the best but prepare for the worst.

  • I might be a little worried about where he saw our future going but I would sign one to protect myself too. I have high hopes for my own career and know where I eventually want to get to with it that I wouldn't want a dead beat ex-husband trying to take advantage of that and I could understand why he would want the same protection for himself.


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  • What's funny is that a prenuptial agreement is actually the opposite of "planning for divorce." A prenuptial agreement removes the goodies that one side (usually women, but not always) gets from a divorce. The reason why divorces are so common is because the moment anything goes wrong in a relationship, the person who makes the least money weighs their options (again, this is usually the women) and sees how much goodies they would get if they just split. Remove the goodie basket and divorce becomes less of an enticing option, except for cases where there is truly a fissure in the relationship. These prenups can protect both parties from being screwed over in case of anything happening down the road

  • You are using logic and reason in your argument. Therefore you are are instantly going to be at a disadvantage, when arguing with a woman. lol

    Funny how rich women don't have a problem asking men for a prenup. At least I am so poor she can't take anything, so at least this isn't an issue for me.