Will guys say 'I love you' a lot when they miss you?

This guy I know will say he loves me non stop! It's when we don't see each other, or talk for a couple of weeks, then he'll go overboard and he'll say 'I love you' way too many times. When we see each other or talk regularly he'll say it a lot, but it's not too much, like sometimes he'll just go overboard with it. Is it cause he misses me? Or is it insecurity? Or something else? What do you think?


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  • Lol. He's probably young and not had relationships before. It's sweet, he'll probably calm a bit later.

    • He's 28 years old... lol

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    • I doubt someone would say that just to mess with someone. So if it's not about knowing what's normal for a relationship I'd go with insecurity.

    • yeah you are right!

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  • Hey.. have you ever thought about it like this ~
    He could possibly be saying it to you for the last time ever. Going to sleep alone you have the possibility of never waking up afterwards. He possibly wants his last words to you being I love you.

  • Personally I would


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