Is this insulting? What do you get from this? Need opinions?

I just want opinions on this. Well me and my guy friend were out and we saw a baseball player that looked exactly like our friend Paul. Paul is a guy I have been liking lately so I act like a damn teenager all shy and awkward haha,

so my guy friend calls Paul up puts him on speakerphone to tell him he looks like this baseball player, and I said "He looks exactly like you!" and then he said "So he must be good looking then?" and my friend paused, and then I just laughed. I feel so terrible now! Cause I noticed Paul was silent, cause I just laughed like a damn loser! Lol, I just hope he didn't get offended, cause I didn't say "Yeah" or anything, so if you were him how would you take it? Would you take it like the girl insulted you? Cause she laughed? Or would you think she was nervous or awkward? Not think much of it? Need honest opinions! Thank you!! :))


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  • Don't worry about it! I'm sure he didn't take it the wrong way, since he was making a cocky joke out of it too anyways.

    • Lol, I hope so! Cause I know if it were me, and I said that and the guy just laughed I would get the impression that he doesn't think I am attractive cause he just laughed and didn't respond to me. Ugh, I feel like such a teenager hahaha. Thank you! You do have a good point :))

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  • your laughter sure must be a shocker to him and yes if not a feeling of humiliation it sure hurts feelings & not to mention ego :-)

    How he takes it is on the individual. He'll get over it but a dicey thing I'd say :-)

    25 years ago it may have affected me to a point of being hurt, now it won't make a difference ;-)

    • Lol, yeah I see! I just feel bad cause really I was just awkward lol, he makes me feel like a damn teenager haha, never do I act that way around guys but I get shy and awkward, and I should've just said "yeah" and it would've been cool lol. Thanks Raj for your input! :)

    • It's ok young lady, with any maturity he will understand what happened :-)

      You're always welcome with the pleasure being wholly mine :-)

    • Yeah, let's hope so! Haha, :)))

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  • I don't see what the issue is here. So he was quiet. What is the big deal

    • I guess because when he said "He msut be good looking then?" Cause I said he looked like him, instead of me saying "Yeah" I just laughed, and I guess I am just hoping he is not taking that the wrong way, cause if I know if I said that to a guy and he just laughed I would think he doesn't think I am good looking. Cause Paul got silent when I just laughed.

    • It's not a big deal.. No sweat