2nd date Instagram/Facebook post. Too soon?

So on my second great date with a new guy, he asked our waitress to take a picture of us. She did. The next day he posted the picture of us and a pic of our food on his Instagram and Facebook with a caption saying... Enjoying a nice Friday evening meal with my friend at... He has no other pictures with girls up. I'm a little confused. Is he really into me? Or just friends? We did kiss at the end of the night and he said it was a great way to end the date. Is it too soon? Should I back away?


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  • It sounds like it's probably his way of telling you that he really likes you.
    If he called it a date at the end of the night, then it was a date.
    The reason he probably called you a "friend" in the Facebook post was probably his way of avoiding being too forward.
    It sounds like he's a bit of a "read between the lines" kind of a guy, where instead of saying things, he communicates through actions and gestures instead. I've known a lot of guys like that, and it often leaves me feeling a little confused.
    Does it bother you that he did that? Would you have preferred the photo not to have been posted on Facebook?
    How do you feel about him?

    • No it doesn't bother me at all. I'm just not used to a guy doing that so I guess I'm more surprised than anything else. I do like him a lot I just hope it means he's serious!

    • Well it sounds like a sweet gesture, so if you do like him, I think you're fortunate to have found someone like that :)

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  • No if you like him then keep seeing him he seems to like you and if he doesn't do that with other girls then it probably means he hasn't met anyone he thought worthy of a picture yet until you haha I don't think it's too soon i think it's cute:) good luck!

    • Thanks :)
      You're right!!!

  • No! What's wrong with a photo?
    He did say you were a friend. It would be strange if he implied you guys were out on a date, or added hearts or something. Chill out.

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