What to wear to a 16th Birthday party?

It's not that I don't like dresses/skirts it's that I have not worn one in 8 years (i am also 16) one of my friends (we're not that close) has invited me to her party so I'm thinking why not? but I don't know what to wear and all the girls going there will probably be wearing dresses so I don't want to be the awkward one I'm not sure I want to go now haha but yeah there will also be a lot of people I don't usually talk to so it's all a bit stressful haha

GUYS: what would you think if someone who had never worn a dress/ skirt suddenly wore one

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  • honestly not trying to sound like im not taking your question seriously or anything but when I was 16 I could of cared less about what the girls were wearing! If you want to wear a dress then by all means go ahead and do it!

  • Go to the party by all means and wear the dress/skirt. Best of luck.

  • Just go with what you feel comfortable in. Unless they have a dress code, you can dress how you want

    • the dress code is "fancy" but not fancy dress haha

    • Fancy means "dress". I'm so fancy

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